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New Projects are Scary + Private Shibari Lessons with Takeshi Nagaike + ForteFemme & D/s Protocol Weekends

  1. New Projects are Scary!
  2. Midori's September Classes/Events (LA, San Francisco, Columbus OH, Santa Cruz)
  3. Just Added! ForteFemme Women's Dominance Weekend San Francisco (Oct 17-19)
  4. Direct from Japan! Private Shibari Lessons with Kinbaku master instructor Mr. Takeshi Nagaike
  5. ForteFemme Launching in Europe?! October Classes (Toronto, San Francisco, Scandinavia & London)
  6. Passionate Bonds D/s Protocol & BDSM Relationship Weekend w Laura Antoniou & Midori (Dec 5-7)
  7. My Online Hangouts

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I'm just coming up for air as I've had my head buried in creating a few new projects. Embarking on new adventures can be scary, thrilling, exciting, intimating, brain consuming and exhilarating! Every day I'm having various combinations of these feelings.

I can't say too much about each of them at this time… but I can tell you this much.

One is a book of steamy fiction. Another is a whole new weekend intensive for women. Then there is this big huge art idea that I'm working on. I can't wait to be able to tell you about them as they take shape… In the mean time, I'm waking up each morning and diving in head-first into all my crazy cool projects.

When you see me, ask me about them! I might just tell you more than I should… ;P

With love and lunacy,


P.S. Yes, that's me in the photo! The diving in Baja is amazing!

= = =

2. SEPTEMBER CLASSES (LA, San Francisco, Columbus OH, Santa Cruz)


• Sun 9/7 "Uncut: Oxballs does Pleasure Chest" party for freaky fabulous queer leather and kinksters! I'll be there making rope accessories, harnesses and outfits on the attendees. RSVP required. Info Here

• Mon 9/8 "Art of Feminine Dominance" (Open to all genders / orientation / experience & partner attendance welcome!) at the Pleasure Chest


• Tue 9/9 "JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man" at Pink Bunny boutique

• Wed 9/10 ForteFemme Alumnae-only social & class "Taste of the Senses" at the ForteFemme SF Loft. If you are an Alum and interested in attending this, or future Alumnae gatherings, please contact me. I've sent out private Evites but I might not have your current e mail address.

• Thr 9/18 Special Rope Class! "Shibari of Pleasure, Shibari of Grief: The Erotic Photography and Insights of Master Shibari Photographer - Mr. Norio Sugiura" at BondCon Tickets & Info here

• Sat 9/20 Special Rope Class! "Direct from Japan! Shibari with Takeshi Nagaike" at BondCon Tickets & Info here

• Sat 9/20 I'm performing a bit of fun sexy rope play tableaux at Guest of Honor at The BondCon Ball

• Thr 9/25 "Auntie Midori's Tips for New Tops" at Good Vibrations on Polk St. $20 in advance, $25 at the door


• 9/12 - 9/13 Having fun and presenting workshops at Adventuress In Sexuality: COPE 2014


• Tue 9/30 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness" at Pure Pleasure boutique

= = =

3. Just Added! ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive. San Francisco (Oct 17-19)

Registration open now:

Limited to 9 women

San Francisco ForteFemme. Oct 17 to Oct 19 at an elegant private loft in the South of Market (SoMa) district.

  • Early registration now closed: $850/per woman. (ended September 2nd)
  • Standard registration $950/per woman. (from September 3rd to October 9th, 2014)
  • Last Minute registration $975/per woman. (from October 10th, 2014)

ForteFemme logo
To all the wonderful women out there - Be the best dominant you can be!
Find your authentic power, erotic fulfillment, confidence and skills in this unique and transformative intensive.

Experience 3 days of personalized education, psychology, support, technique and more, all in an elegant private setting. Includes a field trip of kinky shopping and a lovely dinner.
Original material workbook. Meals and refreshments

Registration & Info:
Sponsored by: The Stockroom , the Pleasure Chest & Mr. S. Leather

= = =


Don't miss this unique Shibari education opportunity.
Learn Shibari in private from Takeshi Nagaike, Japan's leading teacher of sexual kinbaku.

See his schedule and availability at: Then send an email to

For more than four decades, countless bondage disciples have spent thousands and traveled across Japan for the privilege of obtaining private training from the legendary kinbaku master, Mr. Takeshi Nagaike. Now, for one week only, you can get his exclusive private instruction, right here in San Francisco!

Don't miss this opportunity to personally study authentic and intimate aspects of Shibari rarely seen by the non-Japanese. This is the Shibari of the passionate private players--the realm of the “maniya” (マニヤ). Mr. Nagaike will share with you secret techniques, usually known only to seasoned practitioners who gather by invitation in private spaces, away from the eyes of curious visitors.

The kinbaku of Takeshi Nagaike is intense, hedonistic, highly erotic, emotional, and empowering. He’s known for fluid efficiency in tying that creates and sustains erotic tension. You'll learn how to use rope and manipulate the body to create incredibly sensual, sexual, and emotional submission.

About Mr. Takeshi Nagaike:

Born in 1945 in Osaka, Japan, he’s been passionately tying, playing, and teaching since the mid-1960s. He honed his techniques for decades in the underground social circles of private Shibari practitioners, including long-time close associate and friend, the late Mr. Oniroku Dan. He has also worked closely with famed bondage photographer Mr. Norio Sugiura.
In 1981 he established the BDSM and Shibari network called AMS (Association of Masochism & Sadism Japan). Takeshi Nagaike has authored several instructional books and DVDs, including the book “SM手引き書” (SM Manual) and was the rigger for the photo book “ROPE―野本美穂写真集” (Rope-Nomoto Miho Photo Collection”). Now he is known as a cult figure in Japan and is considered the leading teacher in incorporating exceptional technique, intense eroticism, and sexual realism into BDSM play.

Rarely traveling outside of Japan, Mr. Nagaike will be in San Francisco (at The Armory) from September 18th through the 24th, 2014, and is available for private instruction for individuals, couples, and small groups. In a private lesson with Mr. Nagaike, he will work closely with you and your partner, to finesse your erotic rope skills and maximize everyone’s play pleasure. He teaches the total novice to the advanced rope fiends. It’s suggested that you come with a partner to practice on, or to practice on each other. Instruction topics include:

  • Suspension
  • Sexual Shibari
  • Takatekote for sexual arousal and pressure points
  • Refining your kinbaku techniques
  • And more

Private session tuition:

$250 / 2 hours. Translator will be there to assist in your communication with him. Cash is preferred, but credit card via PayPal or Square is also OK. Pay in advance and get 30 minutes extra!

See his schedule and availability at: Then send an email to

Some cultural sensitivity advice from your friendly local event hosts:

  • It’s best if cash is not directly handed to a teacher. An envelope is appropriate. If you don’t have an envelope, don’t worry! Your translator will have extra for you.
  • In private instruction, a gratuity or a gift of a thoughtful or tasty item is considered elegant.
  • People don't call themselves “sensei”, as that’s considered tacky, but should you feel moved to do so it’s perfectly appropriate to call him “Nagaike sensei.”
  • Relax, he’s a really nice guy!
  • He's happy to teach all levels. Novices delight him and he's very kind to you. If you're experienced, expect to be firmly taught and make great progress.

Reserve your lesson now! This may be your last chance to study with one of the world's seminal masters of authentic Shibari. Contact

= = =

5. FORTEFEMME LAUNCHING IN EUROPE?! OCTOBER CLASSES (Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Scandinavia & London)

Breaking news! ForteFemme is launching in Europe! Currently we're working out some final details, and this is looking really good! I wanted to give you an early notice so you can start planning.
Dates are likely to be October 31st to November 2nd. Location is likely to be in Scandinavia. More details soon!


classes at Come As You Are. Info & Tickets: Come As You Are Workshops

• Sat 10/4 Hands-on Rope Bondage"
• Sun 10/5 "Art of Feminine Dominance" (Open to all genders / orientation / experience & partner attendance welcome!)
• Mon 10/6 Control & Dominance Rope Moves
• Tue 10/7 Rock Her World


• 10/10 to 10/12 I'm teaching 3 or 4 fabulous classes over the weekend at Stockroom University

More info soon!


• 10/17 to 10/19 ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive in San Francisco


• Late October I'm planning on visiting Europe and London for a couple of weeks at the end of October. Yes, I have some special projects I'm working on there… We're finalizing classes and venues. If your local organization or school would like me to present, drop me a note. More details soon!

= = =

6. Passionate Bonds: Creating Effective D/s Protocols and BDSM Relationships

Registration open now:

Limited to 20 people

Laura Antoniou and I are teaming up again to bring you this amazing weekend.

Learn how to create customized protocols and etiquette that work effectively for your unique relationship. Discover how to design protocol that enrich and strengthen your D/s or M/s relationship, and serve well through all aspects in your everyday life. By the end of the weekend you will have in your hands your own customized protocol manual as well as skills necessary to nourish a sustainable and fulfilling power exchange relationship.

Whether you are already in a relationship or are seeking one in the future, you'll gain powerful tools.

  • When: December 5 - 7, 2014
  • Where: Center for Sex Positive Culture, 1349 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94103
  • Cost: $400 / first person. $300 / each additional person with you

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