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My Performance at Asian Art Museum! plus... Classes, Parties, Intensives & Special Kinbaku Guests from Japan

  1. My Ropes & Flowers at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum!
  2. Midori's Aug Classes/Events (Chicago & San Francisco)
  3. Rope, Smut & Popcorn Social. Aug 2nd San Francisco
  4. ForteFemme Women's Dominance Weekend NYC (Nov 14-16)
  5. Kinbaku Alert! Amazing Instructors from Japan, Mr. Nagaike & Photographer Mr. Sugiura, Coming to San Francisco
  6. My Online Hangouts


    I hope you'll join me at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum for my performance and art this month as part of the Gorgeous. The exhibition is in conjunction with the SF Museum of Modern Art. You can participate in the creative process as well! The museum is providing art material for your use.

    Evoco Project: San Francisco by Midori. 2013 Midori creating Evoco Project: San Francisco 12.10.19 with model Tsaiberia. 2012

    My Gorgeous Fetish

    Workshops & Activities, Evenings, Performances, and part of First Thursdays.

    Get wrapped up in the performance artwork Evoco, artist Midori's contribution to My Gorgeous Fetish, a night exploring the meanings and possibilities of the word “fetish.”
    Midori’s performance will erode and generate boundaries in equal measure, combining flowers (ikebana), Japanese rope bondage, flesh and sumi ink to transform a moving body into a series of restrained sculptures and residual prints. Audience members will be invited to respond to this arrestingly beautiful and one-of-a-kind event by creating artwork of their own with materials provided by the museum.
    My Gorgeous Fetish will include a gallery talk by Jeff Durham, assistant curator of Himalayan art at the Asian Art Museum, titled Gold Rush: The Aura of an Ore as a part of the Gorgeous Idea talk series. Another highlight of the event is TopCoat Nail Studio, adorning nails with fresh designs inspired by the stunning artwork in Gorgeous. Music, along with a cash bar, will loosen us up as we take our understandings of “fetish” to an all-new level.
    Please be advised that this event features performances that may include nudity.

    This is part of the amazing Gorgeous exhibition

    Asian Art Museum, June 20 - September 14, 2014

    What’s “gorgeous” to you? There’s often a fine line between attraction and repulsion, but this summer at the Asian Art Museum, we’re drawing no lines at all.
    Gorgeous presents 72 uniquely stunning artworks drawn from the collections of the Asian Art Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    . Spanning over 2,200 years and dozens of cultures, these artworks are organized in an attempt to shift the focus from historical and cultural contexts, emphasizing instead the unique ways each work announces itself or solicits a viewer’s attention. Left to your own devices, you may gravitate toward the strange or the familiar. Some artworks may be beautiful to you; others, bizarre and challenging. Some may be all three. Whatever they are, your reactions to the show will be unique. And that’s what interests us. As Allison Harding, co-curator of Gorgeous, puts it, “This isn’t about what the museum thinks. This is about what you think.”
    We’ve blended paintings, sculptures, objects of high design or decoration and photographs. Artists like Marcel Duchamp and Marilyn Minter mingle with works that span the extent of Asia, including a 1,000 year-old Indian sculpture of the Hindu deity Durga victorious over a buffalo demon. Across from a Picasso, you might spot a decorated Qur’an from 16th-century Persia or an arresting photograph by Sally Mann.
    Come take a look. What draws you in? What pushes you away? Take a moment to consider what’s “gorgeous” to you. We think you’ll be surprised.

    I hope you'll come, make art with me and help me document it. #hellogorgeous

    With love and lunacy,


    = = =

    2. AUGUST CLASSES (Chicago, San Francisco)


    • Wed 8/20 "Control & Dominance Moves: Kinesthetic Rope 201" at The Center for Sex & Culture


    • Sat 8/23 "Hands-on Rope Bondage" at Early To Bed

    = = =


    Info & Tickets

    • Location: Center For Sex and Culture: 1349 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
    • Cost: $10 at the door: Purchase in advance and get a FREE popcorn
    • Facebook Link:

      ROPE: Hang out. Socialize. Practice, play or just chat about rope. * Rope bondage games: whether you can tie your shoes or not!

      SMUT: Continuous screening from Midori’s collection of rare and vintage Japanese Smut videos, for your viewing pleasure. Kick back in the comfy cushions and enjoy!
      POPCORN: Movie concessions with popcorn, candy, pop & more!
      Let’s get together to enjoy some bondage. Sexy fun shall ensue as we play with rope and demystify “shibari”. Enjoy salacious activities against the panoramic background of smutty Japanese porn. And of course there will be popcorn & yummies at our concession stand!


      Bring your ropes! Don't have any? Don't worry! We’ll have a box of practice ropes for your experimentation and explorations!

      This event is strictly 18+, please bring your I.D.
      For all genders, orientations, experience level.

      About Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo®: A two-day intensive, unique hands-on learning experience. For more please visit

      About the Center for Sex & Culture: The mission of the CSC is to provide judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and informing issues of public policy and public health.
      Questions, comments, concerns or curiosities? Drop us a note: edgesbiz (at) gmail (dot) com

      = = =

      4. ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive. NYC

      Registration open now:

      Limited to 9 women

      NYC ForteFemme. Nov 14 to Nov 16 at an elegant private loft in SoHo

      • Early registration now closed: $850/per woman. (from July 1st to July 31st, 2014)
      • Standard registration $950/per woman. (from August 1st to October 31st, 2014)
      • Last Minute registration $975/per woman. (from November 1st to November 9th, 2014)

      ForteFemme logo
      To all the wonderful women out there - Be the best dominant you can be!
      Find your authentic power, erotic fulfillment, confidence and skills in this unique and transformative intensive.

      Experience 3 days of personalized education, psychology, support, technique and more, all in an elegant private setting. Includes a field trip of kinky shopping and a lovely dinner.
      Original material workbook. Meals and refreshments

      Registration & Info:
      Sponsored by: The Stockroom , the Pleasure Chest & Purple Passion boutique

      = = =


      Don't miss this unique Shibari education opportunity.
      It's not quite official yet. I'm just leaking this info to you as a heads up.

      Mark your calendar to be in San Francisco around September 16th to 23rd!

      I'm working on getting Mr. Norio Sugiura & Mr. Takeshi Nagaike from Tokyo to San Francisco in late September for series of Shibari / Kinbaku private intensives.
      Because of their schedules, it may end up being weekday evenings. As soon at the details are set, I'll send out a special newsletter edition.

      • If you're a Rope Dojo graduate (including the upcoming August class) there will be a special registration option for you. Drop me a note about this and I'll add you the list of grads interested in this special event! Make sure to include the best e mail address to reach you at.

      Mr. Norio Sugiura

      Mr. Takeshi Nagaike

      = = =


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