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What Makes for Creative Rope Bondage? + Midori in LA, Denver, Dallas & NYC + Rope Dojo in Baltimore in January


  • 10/20 - Los Angeles. Rope: Control & Dominance Moves class
  • 10/23 - 10/26 Denver classes (Ropes, Dominance, & Voice Seduction)
  • 10/29 - 10/31 Dallas workshops (Ropes, Head Bondage, Feminine Dominance)
  • 11/4 - NYC ForteFemme graduates Reunion
  • 11/5 - NYC Heart of Shibari class, limited to 7 pairs
  • 11/11 - NYC Head Bondage class at Purple Passion
  • What Makes for Creative Rope Bondage?
  • Registration open for Rope Dojo Baltimore in January.
  • Private instructions available by appointment.

Los Angeles "Rope: Control & Dominance Moves"

Tue 10/20

7:30pm - 10pm

Learn effective rope moves to enhance control. What ever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost emotional & psychological intensity.

In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides.

Pair tickets: $50

Solo tickets: $30

at the Stockroom Syren Classroom

2809 ½ West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026

Denver Daze
Fri 10/24

Heart of Shibari
Sun 10/25

Rope - Control & Dominance Moves
Art of Feminine Dominance (for all genders)
Mon 10/26

Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice
Register Early & Save with Gold Ticket

Limited Quantity

Pleasure & Power

Dallas Classes with Midori

1. Thurs 10/29. 7pm - 9pm

Art of Feminine Dominance

2. Saturday, Oct 31. 11am - 1pm

Head Case! Rope Hoods & Cord Bondage

3. Saturday, Oct 31. 2pm - 5pm

Rope: Control & Dominance Move

Attend all 3 classes and save!

Gold Saver Pair Ticket: All 3 classes for 2 people = $115
Gold Saver Solo Ticket: All 3 classes for 1 person = $70

Private instructions by advance reservation.

What Makes for Creative Rope Bondage?

Recently I was asked online to share images of creative and correct rope bondage, as well as sources of my of inspiration. I know that I didn't give him the answer he wanted. The person wanted pretty photos of lines, knots and twists. They would have liked a diagram of self-animated rope sliding over and around each other, forming geometric patterns. They wanted a still life of fiber on flesh to dissect.

I didn't give that.

It's as if he was looking at a tree to consider a forest, and asking for a photo of the perfect forest. I was asking him to step in to a forest, walk, smell the earth, feel the wind and sun on his cheek.

To me, photos of bondage are shadows of the playtime with rope. Step by step image of rope on disembodied people may give some rudimentary structural direction, but it's like trying to learn how to dance from a book full of foot prints.

Often people tend to think of the shape created when the rope tying is done as what bondage IS.

I think that's just the artifact. It's yesterday's snow angel shape melting into snow.

For me, rope bondage is the process that's co-created between the people. After all, the fun of making snow angels is in the MAKING of it, of rolling around in fresh, fluffy snow with abandon and joy with friends - isn't it?

with love & lunacy,


(Michele Serchuk captured this moment in a photos as I was playing with a friend.)

Are you a ForteFemme Alumn? Please mark your calendars - the next ForteFemme alumni reunion is coming up.

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015

Time: 8:00-10:00 PM

Location: ForteFemme NYC Loft. Please contact me directly for the address.

Meet other amazing graduates. Network. Catch up with old class mates & meet new graduates. Exchange ideas, stories and simply bask in the pleasure of this wonderful Alumnae Association. (This is a graduates only gathering. Stay tuned for upcoming social events open to partners and friends of ForteFemme.)

Would you please bring dishes (sweet or savory), refreshments, or beverages to share?

RSVP is much appreciated, so we can plan for refreshments and tasty bits.

Viviane and I look forward to seeing you!

NYC. Thursday, November 5th

"Heart of Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage"

A private class limited to 7 pairs.

Advance registration only:
This is not your usual rope bondage class. Midori will take one single katachi (a form or shape), a seemingly simple tie, and break it down into the minute subtleties of techniques which create depth, eroticism, arousal, connection, power and grace. It’s a focused lesson on whole-person movements with a disciplined structure.

When: Thursday, November 5th - Doors open 6:30pm for check in. Instruction from 7pm - 10pm

Where: ForteFemme NYC loft

Cost: $150 / pair

Rope Dojo


January 16-17, 2016

Register HERE

Two days of intensive training in

the Head Heart Hand method.

Go beyond the ordinary.

Create passion, connection, confidence & joy!

Limited to 30 people.

Direct instruction w 7 fantastic Instructors,

including special Guest Instructor, Gray Miller

Private Instruction in NYC

Does your schedule make it difficult to attend my public classes?

Do you seek privacy and discretion in your erotic and personal growth?

Are you searching for advanced skills and unique expertise to guide your explorations?

Dive into your full creative potential.

Gain focused instruction, customized to your interests and learn in-depth with follow up education.

I offer private instruction on a limited basis to select students.

By advance reservation only.

Please contact me directly.

NYC. Wednesday, Nov 11th

"Head Case! Rope Hoods & Cord Bondage"

A RopeDojo Elective
Where: Purple Passion. 211 West 20th Street, New York NY

Call to register 212-807-0486

When: Wednesday, Nov 11th, 2015. 7pm - 9pm

Bringing a new class to NYC!

In this hand-on class learn how to make beautiful and intricate head bondage in Midori’s signature style!

In the mid 1990s she learned a special way to make head harnesses from the legendary rope bondage enthusiast Lou Duff. Midori took that inspiration and developed a couple of unique styles.

Head cages made of ropes and cords create intense sensory experiences, which can often lead to deep emotional experiences for the receiver. Feelings can range from calm, submission, surrender, intimacy, meditation, of being captured, embrace, mind quieting and more. For many it’s a special set of sensations like no other. Of course the head harness makes for great attachment points to effectively limit a person’s movement for some sexy fun bondage games! These are also excellent alternative hoods for those who are claustrophobic.

In this class Midori will first demonstrate a couple of styles. Then lead you step by step through the foundations. After that you’ll have time to practice.


  • Safety Scissors
  • Long hair? Hair that gets in the way? Hair ties, bandana, wig caps highly recommended. Midori will bring a few extras just in case.
  • Long thin cords! 50 feet lengths are great to start with. Longer is fine.

Examples of this are:

Midori will likely have a few cords to borrow or to buy on site.

Wear: Comfortable clothing to sit in. You’ll be sitting for a while as you create this.

If possible, please remove large jewelry or jewelry that could snag in the head and face area. You can work around it, but it’s easier if you don’t have to.

Pair attendance is highly encouraged, but solos are welcome as well. If you come solo, you’ll be paired with other solos for practice.

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